Saturday, 15 June 2013

Status update regarding my flash adapter for the Nikon V1/V2

Well, after I made the first seven I considered the appearance not to be good enough for selling these adapters and I realized that the tools I have are not enough to make it better looking. So that gave me three options.

  1. to let some company make the part which I cannot do on my own
  2. to buy or build a CNC (computer controlled milling machine) which could be used to make better looking adapters, all repeatable and very similar to each other as opposed to my first seven, which are all individuals and have a "hand made" look
  3. to just ignore the project all together and give up
I opted for the first two, starting with the first one. I asked a local company make me 10 pieces. These are just partially ready and still needs some finishing plus the final installation on a hot shoe. To let a company make part of the adapter is very expensive and strictly speaking, I know I am going to make a financial loss on this, but I will test the market and sell them once I am ready with all the 10. It took some time to find a company which could make my 10 pieces at a reasonable price since I was not ready to pay any amount. Low volumes have very high prices normally, and this is no exception, but I am not ready to order higher volume at this moment, partially because at this moment I am not sure I can sell them, and partially because I am also working on option 2, building a CNC which can be used for this and for some other projects I have in mind for the N1 and other cameras. All that plus the fact that it is summer in this part of the world with a lot to do around the house, being outdoors and so on, resulted in a halt (or at least a break) in the progress. I will not start selling before I have all the ten ready, so that might take some more time. If I sell all 10 within a short period of time I may decide to continue and make them in higher volumes, but I may also just give up if I get tired of it because of all the trouble and all the time it takes plus the costs involved.
I hope this is for answering the questions I receive about why it is taking so long. Anyway, there is no product for sale yet. Sorry to have to keep you waiting a little longer, be patient, it is on the way.

Updated information:

The adapter is now available. Read about the details here:

If you are interested, here is a short video about it as well: