Tuesday, 2 April 2013

The first seven is almost ready

I am sorry for my silence. It is not that this project is abandoned, but I was very busy elsewhere, so I could not spend as much time with this as I originally hoped for.

I also had to come up with a good solution for all the individual parts of the adapter. Believe me, though it looks like a simple thing and a simple task to do, it is not. At least not unless one has a whole factory of his own to use for making these adapters.

Anyway, even though I do not advertize this blog yet, I noticed that the number of visitors are "alarmingly" increasing. This is OK, but it is also putting a pressure on me to release the product I promised to release. Hopefully this will happen very soon.

Please note that the seven adapters you see in the image are just the base. The contacts to the camera are still not installed, and also the locking mechanism is still to be installed, which is why I cannot sell these yet. I am in the process of finishing these. After that they will be available on eBay. I cannot do it faster because I also have a full time job and a family. Please, be patient.

Updated information:

The adapter is now available. Read about the details here:


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