Saturday, 7 October 2017

My UCCNC Probe screen, version 3

Finally I managed to finish this version and is now available for download.

This is a major update and basically all the macros are rewritten. There are some significant differences between this and the older version, so I suggest to read the manual carefully before the first use. If you have installed the older version then I suggest a new, clean installation and not just pasting in the new macros. The new macros require some new values from the redesigned Probe tab screen, so just pasting the new macros won't help.

The new look of the Probe tab screen

 The major differences are that now there are several new parameters. These parameters are necessary to set up before the first use and in some cases even after. Please read the manual which explains every button and parameter and how to use it. Also, now with the new screen, no changes are made to UCCNC software, so the CAM tab is again available, and instead of taking the CAM tab, a new Probe tab is created.
(Click on the image for larger view)

Additional feature

 There is an additional feature offered, which is a slight modification of the RUN tab to better support the probe screen. This feature is not necessary for the Probe tab screen to work and it can be ignored if you feel you need the buttons and the DROs for B and C axes, or don't want to have access to any of the probe functions from the main RUN tab. On the other hand, if you decide to install the additional features then you must install the Probe tab first. The additional functions will not work without the Probe tab.
(Click on the image for larger view)

In the zipped file you will also find a pdf document with a complete user guide and installation instructions for both screens. I recommend to read the document before starting the installation and also to play with the Probe functions before first use. You must verify functionality on your own, I can not assist you with that. My motion controller is the UC300ETH and that is the only one I tested with, however, if you follow my instructions, I believe you will have no problems using it with other motion controllers. Installation takes something between 5 and 15 minutes, depending on how familiar you are with handling of these files. There is no easy and quick installation software, you must do some manual work, but I think it is fairly simple process, much simpler than the previous version.

My UCCNC Probe screen version 3 can be downloaded through this link:

Good luck.

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