Wednesday, 2 September 2015

The making of V2-F1A adapter (drilling)

I will publish some video clips showing the work behind the making of the V2-F1A adapter. This is the first in that series, showing the drilling that must be done in each little plastic piece. It looks easy to make these adapters if you don't have a trained eye and a good imagination, but if you watch these videos you will realize that it isn't that easy after all.

Just a note, please don't ask about g-codes, measurement details, dimensions and so on. I will not assist anyone with making this adapter. No details, other than what you can find in these clips or on my blog, will be given away. I spent a lot of time in developing it and I have no wish to make it into a free product.

For more information about the V2-F1A, please read:

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