Thursday, 10 November 2016

CNC upgrade progress - End of the cracked spindle holder story

The cracked spindle holder is now replaced. One reason is that because the cracked and fixed one did not allow me to attach the necessary accessories I want to use in a comfortable and secure way. There are currently two accessories I can't be without, these are the dust shoe and the pen holder.

The new spindle holder arrived some time ago but I could not find the time before to finish it, which means some drilling and tapping, as well as fixing a few dents it received during manufacturing and transport. Fixing meant also surfacing the bottom to get a 100% fit on the Z plate. The new spindle holder feels a bit better made than the old one, and the 65mm hole for the spindle was actually 65mm all around, unlike the previous one, which was a bit oval in shape. The spindle fits exactly, only a tiny expansion is needed to push the spindle motor in.

Maybe the reason why the previous holder cracked was the oval whole, which needed a larger expansion. Anyway, end of the story, this weekend I replaced the fixed one with the new and I even made a short video of it.

The spindle holder has a few extra tapped and untapped holes for future accessory expansion as well as for the currently used dust shoe and pen holder. Some of the future accessory plans I have includes 3D printer head, laser cross, laser engraver head, camera and LED light, so the extra holes will come handy later on.

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