Monday, 1 December 2014

Some comments from users of the V1-F1A flash adapter

I receive a lot of mail and comments from users spread out in many countries. I took the liberty to compile some of those comments extracted from the mails. I translated the Danish to English but otherwise not changed anything.

If you are interested in this adapter and want to see more detail then just follow this link:

Comments from USA

"Thank you very much. It's a very nice solid fit. Just thought you might like to know I was also able to sync my flash with a Yongnuo 2.4 Ghz popper at 1/400 with no banding."

"I applaud you on what you managed to do in creating the V1-F1A."

Comments from Denmark

"Den adapter gør det meget nemmere at sætte en radiotrigger til studio flashes på. Det er fantastisk, at du har gjort det store arbejde. Tusind tak for adapteren!!!"

"SB-700 og sync kabel. Virker perfekt op til 1/400 med mekanisk lukker. Yongnuo RF-602 med speedlights sync’er op til 1/200 mekanisk. Elinchrom studio flashes med Elinchrom trigger sync’er op til 1/250 men har først fuld lysstyrke fra 1/200 og langsommere. Det er det samme når jeg trigger dem optisk. Så alt er helt fint, som det skal være."

Translated to English:

The adapter makes it much easier to put a radio trigger on the camera for studio flashes. It's great that you've done the hard work. Thanks for the adapter!!!

SB-700 and sync cable works perfect up to 1/400 with mechanical shutter. YONGNUO RF-602 Speedlights sync up to 1/200 mechanically. Elinchrom studio flashes with Elinchrom trigger sync up to 1/250 but reaches first full brightness from 1/200 and slower. It's the same when I trigger them optically. So everything is just fine as it should be.

Comments from Poland

"It's awesome that I found your video on Youtube."

The two video he is referring to are these two, in case you have not seen them.


Comments from Spain

"Everything perfect. I've tested and works great.
Thanks for everything."

Comments from Italy

"I wanted to warn you that the material has arrived in perfect condition, and very well made.
I remain convinced that in any case you've been really good at thinking and realized this adapter. Thanks again. I wanted to tell you that you have been really great to create this adapter, no big brand accessories has designed it, and have found it really salvation."

Comments from UK

"I did indeed sort out the issue and it was one of config settings on the Pocket Wizards Mini TT1 - Flex TT5. These units can be programmed with 2 switchable profiles so now I have one for TTL when using Nikon speed lights and the other is a pure trigger."

"Once again many thanks for your prompt service and support."


  1. Is there a possibilty to create an adapter for the Nikon V3 WITH the electronic finder mounted at the same time? Today you have to choose if having a flash adapter OR the electronic finder. It would be fantastic if you could mount both at the same time, even if it is only a PC-sync with a passive shoe adapter for mounting a radio trigger.

  2. Hi Allan,
    The simple answer is... I don't have the V3 so I don't know.

    A better answer is: It is probably possible to crate a combined EVF and PC-sync socket but because I don't have the V3 I can't find that out for sure. The reason why I guess it is possible is that I made a GPS combined with a hot shoe/PC-sync socket and that combination works well. My guess is that the flash trigger contact is a dedicated contact and it's only purpose is to trigger the attached flash while the contacts used for communication are dedicated to several tasks, for instance iTTL, GPS and EVF. So, technically I think it would be possible to do but because I don't have the V3 I will not be able to work on it nor can I assist anyone in the work.

    I hope this answers your question.