Tuesday, 24 February 2015

The future of the V1-F1A flash adapter

Thank you all for your interest in the V1-F1A adapter. I really appreciate all the pressure through messages and mail and that I receive a lot of enquiries about the V1-F1A flash adapter. I feel obliged to update about the status.

Unfortunately, as you know, all the adapters are sold. They went very fast, which was a bit unexpected since I made no secret about this not being an industrial product but the result of a do-it-yourself hobby activity. This is good for me, because it shows that I was right, there is a need for such adapters, but it is not good for those who want to buy but cannot get it because it is not available. My intentions are to continue making this adapter again as soon as possible.

I am currently busy with another DIY project, so it will take a few more weeks before the adapter becomes available again in larger quantities. I am currently building a CNC (a computer controlled mill) which will help me making this adapter, among other things, in higher quality and quantity than otherwise possible. This activity took a bit longer than expected but it is progressing, so don’t give up hope, the adapter will be available again.

I receive a lot of mail from people who want to buy the V1-F1A flash adapter and for those people I can only say, please be patient.

Now and then I also receive mail from people who are interested in the “inside story” to find out HOW to do the adapter, which pins to connect and so on. Some offering their “help” and/or want to do it on their own, more or less expecting me to give them the information I worked out on my own. To those people I can only say I am sorry, but no, this information will not be made public by me.

I am sorry, but I am not ready to help out anyone in making the modifications of a Nikon 1 flash, or a GPS on your own or explain how to make an adapter. I invested a great deal of money in this, bought quite a lot of special tools, burned one camera and one flash in the process, and also spent a lot of valuable time in gaining knowledge about how to do it. So, I hope that all of you understand that I intend to get back at least some of the investments. This adapter exists only because it is a DIY project and because I am technically well-skilled and I am interested in understanding how things work. If it was an industrial project with the aim of making profit it would have been stopped a long time ago, before it ever hit the market. If I'd publish the information and the way to design the adapter then I'd not be able to sell more of these, so that is not an option for me right now. I am sorry, and hope you understand my position.

I also receive mail from some people who actually want to buy the information. Again, the answer is no, the information is not for sale.

Please note that the new version is now available. Read about the details here:


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